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     Storvik Malmedal expresses her art in several techniques and often combines these in two and three-dimensional works. From small sizes to giant graphics, glass and sculptures up to four meters. She alternates between working in the stone industry in Eide and in her studio and graphics workshop in west coast of Norway at Hustadvika, where nature both above and below water is an inspiration.


     In several periods of the year she commutes to Italy, Tuscany where she forms sculptures in the famous marble from Cave Michelangelo in Carrara. This has also been the origin of the traveling exhibition `` Capture the Blue`` with 10 monumental sculptures that now has started its journey from north to south on the globe. The exhibition weighs 30 tons with abstract formations in marble and glass, which are set up in a kind of Stonehenge formation, with opening and performance of dancers and musicians. It has visited Svalbard, Alta, Trondheim and Oppdal in winter 2015/16.

     Storvik Malmedal has had several commissions both public and private, as well as several exhibitions a year in Norway, and international collaborative projects mainly in sculpture. She is part of the professional artist organizations in Norway and several international.

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